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Johnny’s Countdown 2009-2010

Happy New Year!

For all you Johnny’s fangirls out there, here’s a link to this year’s Johnny’s Countdown performance:


Start your year off with a nosebleed like me! =)

This year, Arashi is the MC! Aand each of the awesome smexy Jonny’s groups present their debut songs:

kinkikids (硝子の少年) [their voices are still amazing ~]

KAT-TUN (RealFace) [OMG Jin’s tongue click <33]

関ジャニ∞ Kanjani8 (浪花いろは節)[such a fun song!]



タッキー&翼 Takki & Tsubasa (卒業)

HaySayJUMP (UltraMusicPower)


嵐 Arashi (A・RA・SHI)[so nostalgic!]

Other songs that I was SO SO SO happy seeing were:

Arashi-Love So Sweet
Shuuji to Akira-Seishun Amigo [THE BEST EVER!!!]
V6-Ai Nanda [Junichi is still so hot <3]
Takki-Ai Kakumei

And they even did a Johnny’s medley with every group singing!

Also watch out for…

Arashi singing a Kanjani8 song
V6 singing Arashi’s One Love
NEWS singing Kinki kids’ Aisareruyori Aishitai
KAT-TUN singing NEWS’s Kibou

I loved the whole show and every song!

Which part was your favorite? :)

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About this blog…

Well, so far I’ve done some experimenting with this blog. I made some posts about my life and some that are I guess more informational (?) like the crafts page.
…And I’ve found that writing informative posts are so tiring! :0
Especially the last one for which I had to search up and embed and photoshop a bunch of things. Sure I got like double the number of visitors (thanks!) but with being a Nerdypants (IB) and all, I don’t think I can last like this.


I’ll just keep this blog personal. :)
Of course I’ll rant about kawaii and kakkoii stuff and you might find odd bits of info and gossips here and there, but it’ll all be on whim.
Also, I just might start making this blog more R-rated/profane/explicit because sadly I’m not a Mr. nice Nerdypants. Nor innocent.
At all.

Aaaand I also might start blabbing in Japanese randomly. When that happens, for the non-Japanese speakers, don’t take it personally. It’s just me… Fangirling, probably.
And everybody knows fangirling is only fun for the fangirls, but not for the clueless bystanders.

So yeah.


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I just saw Yamapi’s performance on HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champ 2009.11.16 and I noticed that there are quite a few Kpop-like things to it.

First of all, LOOK AT THE HANDKERCHEIF AROUND HIS WAIST! Yes–it’s Rain’s signiture item for his Rainism performances!

Also, look at Loveless at 1:21 where Yamapi flips open his blazer (yum) just like Rain at 1:41!

Next, Yamapi’s hand movement at 1:16 reminds me of B2ST’s Bad Girl move at 0:36

Ok, now look a few seconds ahead where Yamapi leans sideways and sings “Saigo wa egao de say goodbye” and compare it to Taeyang’s move at 2:22 in Wedding Dress

Here’s the comparison:

Actually, Loveless in general gives me the same feel as Wedding Dress–they both have slow, soft melodies and stiff/clean dance moves. Oh and did I mention they have the same number of backup dancers?

I’m not accusing my dear Yamapi of plaigiarism here, but is it true he’s being influenced by Korean pop? What do you guys think?

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My Japanese Lovers

The reason I had said that I’m Japanese by heart is because it is there where I had spent most of my childhood. That does not mean I love Japan any more than I love my motherland, but what it does mean is that I have been influenced by the Japanese culture a lot. I find their fashion to be glamarous, their pop culture such as manga and anime to be super awesome, and their celebrities–what’s the phrase?–SMOKING HOT.

There have been about 3 phases I underwent in regards to Japanese men (in chronological order):

Phase 1. The anime/manga guys:

Conan from Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)-He was probably my first love. Gosh, I was crazy about his face, his voice, his wit, and above all his Nerdypants glasses.

Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha–Ok, I have this sick obsession with guys with long, silky hair. Of course Sesshoumaru’s brother Inuyasha has long hair/mane too, but come on, semi-dog versus full-fleged dangerous(ly) sexy beast?  I rest my case.

Deathnote has got to be the best manga ever written/drawn! The plotline is better than any Hollywood movie and the art is fantastic. I first fell for L, the super genious yet weird detective. I was so in love that I even cosplayed as him for Halloween one year.
Oh, just a shoutout to whoever planning to use a Sharpie to line your eyes–it doesn’t come off for a week.

My greatest fictional lover yet is no doubt Mello–he’s so cute with his addiction to chocolate yet at the same time so sexy as the head of the mafia. And is it just me who likes his tight leather pants? ;)
This is an amazing fanart of Mello by a talented someone (counts as giving credits, right?):


Then as I got older and was introduced to more ehem smutty works, my tastes became something like this:

This is drawn by Shinjo Mayu, who is one of the best smutty artists out there.
Since I wanted to keep this post PG, I decided not to put any explicit stuff– but seriously, how can you keep from fatacizing all sorts of ‘situations’ just from the bad-boy/devilish smile? ;)

Phase 2. The REAL mainstream prettyboys.

These probably came before the smutty manga guys so in a sense, these two phases are overlapping.
In Japan, there’s this massively famous agency called Johnny’s where boys who haven’t reached puberty are scouted and trained to become back-up dancers for their older, post-debut groups. There are countless boys hired annually by the agency, but there are only a few that are able to actually form a unit/group and become famous. Amongst them, the groups that I was nuts about were:

Kinki Kids

From the group name, you’re probably like, “WTF, child pornography promotion?!” but rest assured, the group has nothing to do with that unless you count seducing 7-year-girls like myself back then with their sensual singing and flashes of chest during concerts as sexual violation.
But yeah, they were the first boyband that I fangirled over, and even now I sometimes watch their reality or talk shows. Haha, the guy on the left, Domoto Tsuyoshi, is hilarious–he’s so sarcastic! Also, it never fails to amaze me that no matter what Domoto Koichi (right)’s real age is, he looks forever 21 ($5 for the AD).

The only other Johnny’s group that surpassed my obsession with Kinki was NEWS

My love progressed like this:

  1. Yamapi–We all start out with him, right? ;)
  2. Massu–I loved his smile and chubby cheeks! Having a super ripped body underneath just quadrupled my love for him.
  3. Tegoshi–I started noticing him more after the Tegomassu subunit formed. I couldn’t believe I overlooked this cutie for so long!
  4. Yamapi–After watching Nobuta wo Produce then Kurosagi, I was like, he’s SO the hottest.
  5. Koyama–Ok, he is by far the most interesting and outgoing person in the group and I adore his fashion sense! There was one show where each member had to make up a Kokuhaku (pickup line) to say to a girl, and Koyama’s was: “Look into my eyes–I know they are small, but they only see you.”
  6. Ryo–At first, I found him kind of scary because he seemed a little stingy. BUT after I watched him in One Litre of Tears and Last Friends, I was so impressed with his acting skills and good looks that I fell in love <3
    Well, actually a lot of people became scared of Ryo after Last Friends because he seemed so into the character, but I think it just comes to show how much effort he puts into his work and how he can adapt to portraying different characters, not only the sweet schoolboy.

Phase 3. Visual Kei Bands

Visual Kei Bands are bands that not only care about their music, but also their outward appearances, hence the name.
After I had outgrown the prettyboys, I was looking for something more mature and heavy. I started with the more mainstream bands like L’arc~en~Ciel and X Japan but soon moved to more indies like

SID–Mao, the vocalist caught my eye with his looks but touched my heart with his voice <3

Here is my favorite song by them called Otegami (Letter):

Then I came across none other than The Gazette. The first song I heard was Filth in the Beauty–a pretty hardcore song for my untrained ears–and I thought, “Ew, this is like Billy Talent Japanese Style,” and I left them be for a few weeks until I came across this song:

The song is called Guren, and even though the music video scared me a little the first time I watched it and the meaning of the song is sad and explicit, the song soon became my bedtime lullaby–Ruki’s voice is so deep and soothing that it calms me down even after stressing over TOK essays.
A Visual Kei group that can match Ruki’s seductive, devilish voice is Plastic Tree–Ryuutaro’s voice is beautiful in another way: very soft and angelic. Also, if you are a fan of L from Deathnote, you should see Ryuutaro cosplaying :)

I intended this post to be about Japanese vs. Korean idols, but I guess I over-ranted about the Japanese side ;;
Haha, I’ll leave the Korean part for later, when my hands become less cramped :)

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Handmade Crafts

Yay! First post =D

In Japan right now, there’s a huge boom in buying second-hand clothes and making DIY clothing or crafts. It’s referred to as  ‘Recessionista.’

I know that there are many many many English site that exhibit and even have tutorials on DIY projects, but the Japanese make theirs look better than store-bought.

From super kawaii toys…

to romantic hair ties (ie. chou-chou)…

to Hime-kei (Princess-style) butterfly bags. You name it.

These three crafts were all posted on an amazing Japanese site where you can find tutorials on about any craft you can dream of. Even if you can’t read Japanese, you should still check it out as you can get tons of ideas from the photos alone!

There are also girls who rummage through 古着屋 [furugi-ya] or second-hand stores and remake the clothings they found into new, original outfits. There was even an episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV featuring the Recessionistas!

As for me who has never taken a sewing class before, I admire these talented girls with all my heart. But like I have mentioned, as a Nerdypants, and a procrastinating on at that, I have no time to learn how to make these crafts. =(

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is because I feel I’m lacking something.

Final year of school, everyone is discussing where to go and what they want to do in the future. Yesterday, a classmate was called for an interview for Oxford University. Now, this boy isn’t your average Nerdypants–He’s been travelling around the world BY HIMSELF since grade 8, been in rallies for Tibet (as a Chinese, no comment), and has British citizenship (yeah, being in the 90% of admission pool helps). Oh, and did I mention he’s a freak of nature (ie. genius)?

I, on the other hand, spend days fangirling about every single Korean man out there, sandwiches Vivi or Popteen magazine in between textbooks, and daydreams in class. Sometimes I’m amazed I’m even a Nerdypants!

Hearing about my friend’s interview was like having cold water poured on me. While I was wasting my time, energy, and potential, people like my friend were focusing on developing themselves and preparing for the future.

I was even more shaken up today when my girlfriends and I were chatting at lunch. One girl revealed that she was applying to UCLA, Oxford, and Cambridge with a FULL IB PREDICTED mark. She said she was considering Ivy Leagues but they didn’t have competitive field hockey, which is practically her life, so she’s only considering Britain colleges.

A second girl wants to go to a Sweden school so she can go horseback riding in the countryside, while another who has won competitions in web designing and who has been a co-manager of a Facebook shop is going for MBA. I also have a friend who has a gift for art–paintings, sculptures, you name it–and she’s going to Europe to pursue her career in Arts Studies.

And there I sat thinking, “Gosh, they all have so much talent and such awesome dreams.”

Now, you might have the impression that I’m a lazyass who became a Nerdypants by accident, and I apologize for my hyperboles about myself (is it just me who feel schizophrenic when blogging?). I’m not bad off academically–getting a few 7s (perfect on IB scale) here and there–and pretty involved in the school and community (well, you’re kinda forced to in IB). But as I said in the first line, I feel that I’m lacking the motivation and dreams my friends have.

And because I have no actual goal, I feel all my time spent memorizing the difference between limestone and granite, or the structure of the sinusoid, is wasted. After 12 years of education, I’ve realized I’ve been too caught up with the journey of learning itself to lift my head and find out where exactly I’m headed.

On the way home today, I wondered what I can start right now that will give me satisfaction–I can’t suddenly become a field hocky champion nor can I start reproducing Monet. I considered doing videos like Nigahiga, but then I would destroy people’s computer screens with my face and lack of humour =P

Then I thought, “Blogging!”

It’s easy with WordPress (5 bucks per advertisement, was it? =D) and if and when I become better at it, I might become as proud of myself as if I got in John Hopkins. Just might.

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The birth of a blogger

Dear netizens, what you are reading now is comparable to watching an infant take her first steps.

–Her first steps on the road to becoming a maniac blogger.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but like anything that I’ve wanted to do, it’s been procrastinated. Just a skill you learn in IB.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to break this cycle by actually going through with the blog.

As a Chinese by birth, Korean by fandom, and Japanese at heart, I’m going to focus on topics relating to these three awesome countries. You probably noticed from the subtext or subscript or subtitle that I have used a foreign word ‘kawaii,’ which is the Japanese word for supercutesparklyfuzzysweetgirly-ness. Since I’m crazy about everything kawaii, I’ll be ranting about that for the most part =)

But wait, there’s more! I haven’t explained why I am Nerdypants.

Nerdypants is a noun that applies to all survivors of the International Baccalaureate program (supposedly non-elitest group who have their brains fried from Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge lectures). And speaking of IB, I just remembered that I have my English oral commentary on Friday so, uh, I’ll make the rest quick.

Basically, I’ll be posting random things I found interesting, ranting about how happy or emo I am, making totally ignorant political statements, and all the fun stuff.

Frankly, this blog is just another way for me to procrastinate. =D

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