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It’s time for me to get down to business. In the next three weeks, projects, tests, and interviews counting for 30% of 2 years will be happening.

So as a good nerdypants, I open up a Word document, type in my name and IB candidate number, make the font style Times New Roman size 12, and turn to Jelly Battle.

So what is this jam jelly jello Mello thing? Well, it just happens to be the MOST ADDICTING GAME EVER =0
It’s a multiplayer game (so you’ll feel that more accomplished kicking a real person’s behind. Well, virtually.) where you are a jelly person with the goal to mush the 3 other jelly people playing. To win, you have to hop from one box to another (some, for example, are to nuke the others like Hiroshima has never seen, fry them with laser beams, and just plain whack a jelly near you with a handbag–which, interestingly, seems to be the most powerful attack).

Even though at first I was like “whaaa…this is so n00b, I have to do math,”
soon it became “omgwtflol you just got pwned by nerdypants with a handbag, I have to do math.”

Yeah, so for anyone wanting to procrastinate, check this game out and you won’t be disappointed :)

aaaarrgh I still have to do math.


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