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It’s been what, 2-3 years since I’ve looked at this blog. And I probably would have forgotten it even existed if it were not for my friends sharing their high school Xangas, Livejournals, etcetc amongst us for a good chuckle :)

Rereading this blog, I’m filled with a sense of wonder, guilt, and affection. It’s amazing how much a person can change over 3 year’s time. Back then, I was a soon-to-be high school graduate with no idea what future will hold. People around me seemed to be getting on bullet trains to success while I was rolling along lazily on a trolly. Where am I at now? On a one-way track to becoming a pharmacist!

If I could go back in time to meet my high school self, she would probably diss me for not following my dream of becoming a genetic researcher with 3 Nobel Prizes under my belt (haha yes, that was honestly my dream. Typical Asian, huh?). Then I would diss right back, acting all grown-up and preaching job security over fantasies.

Which is where the guilt comes in. Because I feel a teeny bit like I’ve let my past self down.

Since small, I was someone who would dream big (to the point where I should’ve taken some Seroquel prn. Yep, just flaunting my drug smarts). I’ve dreamed about becoming a manga artist, a rock star, genetic researcher, and if you read my first post here, even a professional blogger. I’m not saying a pharmacist is not a respectable job, because it is! And it’s the perfect mix of science and practicality and patient interaction, which I love. But… have you ever seen a pharmacist win the Grammy’s? The Nobel Prize? Heck, they barely even have a cameo role in TV shows like House or Grey’s Anatomy!

But then this might just be a part of growing up. Dreams will be toned down to normality; freedom will be replaced with responsibility; and soon I’ll be your average ‘adult’ doing adult things like 40hour/week job, keeping close eye on husband’s pocket money, and hunting for cheap cabbages. I’m sorry my past self – life is just too damn different than mangas and dramas.

And as you can tell, I’ve become a bit more bitter over the years too, which I really really hate! All these posts are so happy and fun to read (sorry for the lack of humbleness), and I can feel the charisma of the happy little joshikousei writing it. In contrast, I’m sure it’s been a yawn to read this uncreative post (and I’ve realized my sentences have become more rigid? No traces left of IB English HL skillz). That’s why I feel an overwhelming affection for this blog (and for WP to have kept it alive). The words in each post trickle into me, bringing back the fragments of my past and the girl I once was (…like a wetting agent. Sorry, it’s midterm time haha). Through this blog, I had the chance to meet again the little Nerdypants self, which would have never happened otherwise since I don’t keep a diary *sigh*.

Ok, enough of this boring sentimental rant! Just gonna say thank you (I don’t even know who to direct it to) for giving me this experience :)

And as a little parting thing, I found this draft saved from 2010 that never went public. It’s incomplete and not very interesting, but since my younger self wrote it, I’ll do the honors of posting it.

Alrighty then, see you!


Nerdypants, 2012.


So I know it’s been a while since my scandelous confession about my polygamous affairs with the Japanese hotties.

I think now is the time to reveal my newest and most lusvicious lover– Hwang Chansung from 2PM (and Dirty Eyed Girls =D)

Basic Profile
Name: Hwang Chansung
Nickname: Perry, PwangGa
Job: Singer, Actor, Model
Birthdate: February 11, 1990
Height: 184cm
Weight: 75 kg
Schooling: –
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Listening to music, gaming, working out
Specialty: Taek Kwon Do, Kumdo
Ideal Woman: Someone with kind eyes
Religion: Atheist
Favorite Food: I’m not a picky eater.
Label: JYP Entertainment



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About this blog…

Well, so far I’ve done some experimenting with this blog. I made some posts about my life and some that are I guess more informational (?) like the crafts page.
…And I’ve found that writing informative posts are so tiring! :0
Especially the last one for which I had to search up and embed and photoshop a bunch of things. Sure I got like double the number of visitors (thanks!) but with being a Nerdypants (IB) and all, I don’t think I can last like this.


I’ll just keep this blog personal. :)
Of course I’ll rant about kawaii and kakkoii stuff and you might find odd bits of info and gossips here and there, but it’ll all be on whim.
Also, I just might start making this blog more R-rated/profane/explicit because sadly I’m not a Mr. nice Nerdypants. Nor innocent.
At all.

Aaaand I also might start blabbing in Japanese randomly. When that happens, for the non-Japanese speakers, don’t take it personally. It’s just me… Fangirling, probably.
And everybody knows fangirling is only fun for the fangirls, but not for the clueless bystanders.

So yeah.


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is because I feel I’m lacking something.

Final year of school, everyone is discussing where to go and what they want to do in the future. Yesterday, a classmate was called for an interview for Oxford University. Now, this boy isn’t your average Nerdypants–He’s been travelling around the world BY HIMSELF since grade 8, been in rallies for Tibet (as a Chinese, no comment), and has British citizenship (yeah, being in the 90% of admission pool helps). Oh, and did I mention he’s a freak of nature (ie. genius)?

I, on the other hand, spend days fangirling about every single Korean man out there, sandwiches Vivi or Popteen magazine in between textbooks, and daydreams in class. Sometimes I’m amazed I’m even a Nerdypants!

Hearing about my friend’s interview was like having cold water poured on me. While I was wasting my time, energy, and potential, people like my friend were focusing on developing themselves and preparing for the future.

I was even more shaken up today when my girlfriends and I were chatting at lunch. One girl revealed that she was applying to UCLA, Oxford, and Cambridge with a FULL IB PREDICTED mark. She said she was considering Ivy Leagues but they didn’t have competitive field hockey, which is practically her life, so she’s only considering Britain colleges.

A second girl wants to go to a Sweden school so she can go horseback riding in the countryside, while another who has won competitions in web designing and who has been a co-manager of a Facebook shop is going for MBA. I also have a friend who has a gift for art–paintings, sculptures, you name it–and she’s going to Europe to pursue her career in Arts Studies.

And there I sat thinking, “Gosh, they all have so much talent and such awesome dreams.”

Now, you might have the impression that I’m a lazyass who became a Nerdypants by accident, and I apologize for my hyperboles about myself (is it just me who feel schizophrenic when blogging?). I’m not bad off academically–getting a few 7s (perfect on IB scale) here and there–and pretty involved in the school and community (well, you’re kinda forced to in IB). But as I said in the first line, I feel that I’m lacking the motivation and dreams my friends have.

And because I have no actual goal, I feel all my time spent memorizing the difference between limestone and granite, or the structure of the sinusoid, is wasted. After 12 years of education, I’ve realized I’ve been too caught up with the journey of learning itself to lift my head and find out where exactly I’m headed.

On the way home today, I wondered what I can start right now that will give me satisfaction–I can’t suddenly become a field hocky champion nor can I start reproducing Monet. I considered doing videos like Nigahiga, but then I would destroy people’s computer screens with my face and lack of humour =P

Then I thought, “Blogging!”

It’s easy with WordPress (5 bucks per advertisement, was it? =D) and if and when I become better at it, I might become as proud of myself as if I got in John Hopkins. Just might.

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The birth of a blogger

Dear netizens, what you are reading now is comparable to watching an infant take her first steps.

–Her first steps on the road to becoming a maniac blogger.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but like anything that I’ve wanted to do, it’s been procrastinated. Just a skill you learn in IB.

And now ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to break this cycle by actually going through with the blog.

As a Chinese by birth, Korean by fandom, and Japanese at heart, I’m going to focus on topics relating to these three awesome countries. You probably noticed from the subtext or subscript or subtitle that I have used a foreign word ‘kawaii,’ which is the Japanese word for supercutesparklyfuzzysweetgirly-ness. Since I’m crazy about everything kawaii, I’ll be ranting about that for the most part =)

But wait, there’s more! I haven’t explained why I am Nerdypants.

Nerdypants is a noun that applies to all survivors of the International Baccalaureate program (supposedly non-elitest group who have their brains fried from Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge lectures). And speaking of IB, I just remembered that I have my English oral commentary on Friday so, uh, I’ll make the rest quick.

Basically, I’ll be posting random things I found interesting, ranting about how happy or emo I am, making totally ignorant political statements, and all the fun stuff.

Frankly, this blog is just another way for me to procrastinate. =D

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