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Handmade Crafts

Yay! First post =D

In Japan right now, there’s a huge boom in buying second-hand clothes and making DIY clothing or crafts. It’s referred to as  ‘Recessionista.’

I know that there are many many many English site that exhibit and even have tutorials on DIY projects, but the Japanese make theirs look better than store-bought.

From super kawaii toys…

to romantic hair ties (ie. chou-chou)…

to Hime-kei (Princess-style) butterfly bags. You name it.

These three crafts were all posted on an amazing Japanese site where you can find tutorials on about any craft you can dream of. Even if you can’t read Japanese, you should still check it out as you can get tons of ideas from the photos alone!

There are also girls who rummage through 古着屋 [furugi-ya] or second-hand stores and remake the clothings they found into new, original outfits. There was even an episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV featuring the Recessionistas!

As for me who has never taken a sewing class before, I admire these talented girls with all my heart. But like I have mentioned, as a Nerdypants, and a procrastinating on at that, I have no time to learn how to make these crafts. =(


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